Ric Flair has opened up about the incident that led to him getting kicked out of a bar in Fort Wayne, Indiana, earlier this month.

The Nature Boy was looking for a drink after having signed some four hundred autographs. He called his hotel and asked for directions for a bar.

The former WWE star said he walked in a bar called The Deck and requested the bartender to switch the television channel to The Masters. The bartender, however, refused.

"He goes 'What do you think this is a sports bar?' I said 'I didn't say it was a sports bar, I asked you to put on The Masters.' He goes 'If I get a chance,' right? So, all of a sudden we're 'Measuring.' [Laughs]," Flair said when he appeared on the ESPN's Dan LeBatard Show.

The confrontation between the veteran wrestler and the bartender did not stop there. Flair said he called the bartender "d****ss" as the latter poured him a premium drink without rinsing the glass he had used earlier.

"He throws the glass onto the ice in the tank, right, and starts pouring, and I go 'Sir, doesn't a premium drink require a new glass?' And he goes 'You tellin' me how to bartend?' and I said 'Not if I have to, dumba--, but since you're asking, you're a dumba--.' He walked over and said 'Are you calling me a dumba--?' I said, 'I can call you a fat a**, they both work'."

Ric Flair
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