Who will make it to the X Factor USA 2013 finals?
Who will make it to the X Factor USA 2013 finals? (Photo: TheXFactorUSA/facebook)

The final four acts of The X Factor USA 2013 have gone on stage for the last time before the finale. Viewers were asked to pick songs for the top four semi-finalists to sing this week and after hundreds of thousands of votes, here is what viewers decided they wanted to hear from the final four:

Alex & Sierra: Of Monsters and Men, Little Talks

Carlito Olivero: Justin Bieber, Boyfriend

Jeff Gutt: Jeff Buckley, Hallelujah

Restless Road: Luke Bryan, That's My Kind of Night

Demi no longer has any acts in the competition. Kelly Rowland has Jeff Gutt, Paulina Rubio has Carlito Olivero while Simon has Restless Road and Alex and Sierra.

Celeb Dirty Laundry has a roundup of the judges' verdicts on every performance by the final four:

Carlito Olivero Sings Boyfriend by Justin Bieber

Kelly said she is proud of him and has been waiting for the performance all season.

According to Demi, he was nervous at first but now his performance has star quality and has the X Factor.

Simon said he knows that Carlito is here to make it to the final and loves how he never gets down being in the bottom two but believes that he is a great performer.

Paulina appreciated that he is so diverse and said that the girls all love him.

Restless Road Sings, That's My Kind of Night by Luke Bryan

Kelly found it a lot of fun to watch and said that the style of the song is what they have to do on their own album.

Demi was not really floored by the performance, saying it was fun but felt it was awkward because they have to open much more.

Paulina said that although she likes the way they sing, Colton is the main piece of it all and Zach and Andrew need to be more open.

According to Simon, the song was brilliant and that they deserve to be where they are.

Alex & Sierra Sing Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men

Kelly says she loved it.

Demi downloaded their performances off of iTunes and said that she believes she is looking at the winners.

Paulina believes they come much stronger each week and that they have a huge space in the music industry.

Simon thanked America for the song selection because he consideres it good; he believes they are making records every week and one of the best contestants he has ever worked with.

Jeff Gutt Sings Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley

Demi observed that although she earlier said that Alex & Sierra could be the winners, she also believes that Jeff could win; according to her, his cover of the song is her most favourite.

Paulina described his performance as amazing and thinks the fact that he made the song his own was perfect.

For Simon, that was one of the best versions of the song he has ever heard.

Kelly said she is going to iTunes to get his version of the song and that she loves working with him.

The results will be revealed in a couple of hours on The X Factor. Click here to watch the Live Results 5.