Looking at the next-generation console race, it clear that Microsoft is leading ahead of Sony when it comes to announcements. Last year, the company was the first to unveil the final design of its new game system, while its rival has been a no show. It appears that it is extending the gap yet again when it finally shed some light about the technical specifications and features of the Xbox Series X. Meanwhile, the PS5 is barely on the gaming industry's radar right now as noted by reports.

The news comes directly from the manufacturer and was published on Xbox Wire. It discusses some interesting tidbits about the Xbox Series X. Last week, a supposed leak was posted online that allegedly revealed the official specifications of both consoles from Microsoft and Sony. The number indicated that the PS5 would be more powerful at 12.6 teraflops. However, the latest development proves that the details are inaccurate.

Power speed compatibility = Xbox Series X

12 teraflops and so much more. Discover what the next generation of gaming means to Xbox: https://t.co/WWFJ6YkHzT#PowerYourDreams pic.twitter.com/RDlWXwVF8f

— Xbox (@Xbox) February 24, 2020

According to Microsoft, the Xbox Series X custom AMD chipset is based on the Zen 2 with RDNA 2 architectures pegged at 13 teraflops. This puts it at roughly twice that of the Xbox One X and more than eight times that of the Xbox One. The console will be capable of Variable Rate Shading (VRS) which allows developers to allocate GPU power to specific in-game elements dynamically. Therefore, gamers can expect higher resolutions and uniform frame rates during gameplay.

Perhaps the most controversial topic among industry analysts related to the upcoming console is Ray tracing. Although it was implied that both will support it in some capacity, Microsoft finally confirms that it will be hardware-based with Direct X support. It means is that the machine will have a dedicated component that handles the load. This will apparently result in more realistic reflections, lighting, and acoustics.

Xbox Series X makes its debut
Microsoft surprised those watching The Video Game Awards 2019 with the reveal of the Xbox Series X. Photo: Microsoft

Perhaps the biggest surprise about the Xbox Series X is a feature directly related to its cutting-edge SSD. Microsoft pointed out that the 'Quick Resume' functionality can suspend multiple game states, so that gamers can quickly get back to the action from where they left. There will be no loading screens so to speak courtesy of the faster read and write speeds of the storage medium. Information about pricing and exact availability is still awaited, but it should be available soon or at E3 2020.