The Yemeni port city of Aden faces a humanitarian crisis amid air strikes by a Saudi-led coalition and fighting between rebel Houthis and supporters of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Clashes between the two sides have taken place in many neighbourhoods in the southern city.

Residents queued up outside bakeries, some of which were closed due to a shortage of supplies, on 12 April.

"We have to stand in line for bread, as you can see, and lines for petrol and diesel. Power is out, people have no water... they have nothing. We urge the government to find us a solution," said Aden resident Mohamed Amin.

Another resident, Ahmed Abdullah, said the "high cost of living is not working" and that there was no security or stability in the country". Many had to stand in a queue for several hours.

"We have been standing in line since 10am," said Amr Ibrahim, as cars lined up in front of petrol stations.

The Houthi advance towards Aden forced Hadi to flee to Riyadh in March and triggered a Saudi-led campaign of air strikes in an attempt to drive back the rebels.