Head teachers all over the world, up your game. There's a new MC in town.

A school principal has gained attention online for his peculiar antics. Rather than simply announcing that school for the day had been cancelled due to bad weather conditions, he decided to rap his message along to a tune by hip-hop artist 50 Cent.

His video posted to Facebook on Tuesday (16 January) has already notched up 510,000 views and almost 11,000 shares at time of reporting.

"Gotta have a little fun sometimes. Please enjoy the 'snow day' announcement below from MC Matthews, um, we mean Mr. Jim Matthews," jokes the Facebook account, while assuring everyone that no money was made from the video.

"You don't got to come to school 'cause it's a snow day" might be a student's favourite words already. But when a principal like Jim Matthews from the Pontotoc County School District takes the mic, all jaws drop.

"Students and teachers may I have your attention, please," Matthews starts, all business. "I would like to make an announcement, that announcement is that there's a chance..." he adds, right before 50 Cent's In Da Club starts playing in the background.

All pretences soon go out of the window when a baseball cap and sunglasses magically appear on his head. Matthews starts rapping the whole announcement to the rhythm of Fiddy's iconic song.

"Yo students, it's a snow day, hey yo, teachers, man, it's a snow day," it starts. Never has it been this fun to listen to a principal telling his staff and students to stay at home. "Go eat yourself some hot chocolate cause it's a snow day," Matthews continues with a very satisfying flow.

"It's snowy all around so keep them pjs on," he later advises, not missing a beat and keeping his cool throughout the whole clip.

Matthews then addresses his message to students' parents, saying: "You gotta keep them kids, it's a snow day," whilst stifling laughter.

Apart from the funny lyrics and invitation to "netflix and chill" or "play games on your phones", the whole video sounds like a proper rap, complete with hand gestures and shout-outs.

The school staff and students will eventually have to come back to school on Wednesday, including Mr Matthews, but something tells us he'll follow his own advice and stay away from the "snowman zone."