Donald Trump's health is "excellent" and makes him "absolutely fit for duty". Those were the words of the official White House physician, Ronny Jackson, but doubts have been raised nonetheless.

Jackson, who has watched over the health of US presidents since 2013, revealed all about the current state of Donald Trump's physical and mental health during a press conference on Tuesday (16 January).

Trump's vital statistics revealed that the 71-year-old, is just over 6ft 2in and weighs 239lbs (108.4kg), which is classified as overweight but just under the obese threshold according to the US National Institute of Health Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation.

Ahead of the results Dr Sanjay Gupta, speaking to CNN, said: "I don't want to be rude about it, but the president doesn't look healthy and what we know of his diet and exercise habits, he doesn't lead a predictably healthy lifestyle." He also described Trump's fast food diet as "pretty atrocious" and described him has "borderline obese."

He wasn't alone, as on social media, many others doubted Trump's reported weight.

The hashtag #GirtherMovement was trending as questions over Trump's weight came about.

The joke account for North Korea tweeted: "235 pound reported weight for portly US president Donald Trump draws widespread international mockery. Marshal Kim Jong-Un weighs in at healthy 170 kilograms."

The rogue White House adviser account suggested that Dr Jackson may have been pressured to change the numbers: "Ronny Jackson has been palpably afraid of Trump's 'fury' for weeks now. Went back & forth before deciding to fudge the weight and BP numbers, among others, at Trump's behest. Trump weighs 339, not 239."

Stephen Colbert doubted the numbers, saying on his show in a Trump voice: "Listen, doc, I don't want to be obese, but I feel like this wad of cash is about one pound. Why don't you take this off my hands and weigh me again, OK?"

Meanwhile, the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, James Gunn, had other ideas. On Twitter he said: "I will give 100 thousand dollars to Trump's favourite charity if he will step on an accurate scale with an impartial medical professional, okayed by both of us. For real. #Girther #GirtherMovement."

On the Daily Show, host Trevor Noah said that "Trump's doctor found no heart problems, no dementia, and no dentures. But did he test for racism?"

US political blogger John Aravosis said: "Increasing feeling like Trump's doctor lied, about a lot. Everyone is saying there's no way Trump is only 239 pounds. And the notion that Trump is in "excellent health" doesn't jive with the stats. Also, we still don't know why his speech slurred - doc claims 'Dry mouth.' Absurd."

Trump's BMI chart compared to other US presidents.