Elouise Mockler, director of Yog Pog which makes Yog Oat drinks. (Photo: IBTimes UK)

Britain is experiencing a renaissance in start-ups and entrepreneurs as graduates and the unemployed seek to make their own opportunities.

One of the most inspirational success stories in recent times is of Yog Pog founder and director Elouise Mockler.

Mockler has turned from a 22-year-old Sussex University marketing graduate into the creator of her own line of healthy breakfast drinks, Yog Oat. The product has already been snapped up by UK chain Budgen's shelves, and Morrisons and Waitrose are in distribution talks to get the drink on their shelves.

Marks and Spencer's is also talking with Mockler to potentially develop some new products under the M&S brand name in the future.

Speaking in her first ever broadcast interview, Mockler told IBTimes UK on camera how she overcame the hurdle of transforming an idea on paper, to production and how the youth of today should forge ahead in making their own opportunities.

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