The Diner reckons it has your new hangover cure Mislav Marohnić

US-style restaurant chain, The Diner, has created an espresso-flavoured bacon roll it claims can cure hangovers.

Branded the 'Ba-coffee roll', it is essentially bacon in a coffee-infused bun with coffee butter.

Quite terrifyingly, eating the bun is equivalent to downing five shots of espresso but the good news is that because you are digesting the coffee rather than drinking it, it is a slow release as opposed to a sudden, anxiety-inducing rush of energy, according to the eatery.
Although hangover cures are a myth - the NHS recommends tips to avoid them as opposed to 'fixing' them - there are still rumours of foods and methods that can combat them all throughout history.

The limited edition roll was launched on 4 December and will run until 14 December. It is available from the Soho branch of The Diner and via Deliveroo, meaning it is perfect for those unable to brave the outside world when they have had one too many drinks.

In the online world of bizarre hangover cure advice, tips include rubbing lemon slices into your armpits (a remedy that originates from Puerto Rico), eating a dried bull's penis (an old Sicilian panacea) and gulping raw eggs.

We don't recommend trying these at home.