Napping is a serious business for many in Hong Kong, so much so, many companies are taking steps to try and make a quick snooze their business. Hong Kong is pricey, cramped and crowded, so finding a tranquil space is hard to come by, at any hour of the day.

Now companies like Nap Lounge are trying to change all that, charging Hong Kong professionals up to an hour of shut-eye for just over HK$10 (92p) in the middle of a hectic day.

"I think it's a universal need not only [for] Hong Kong people. But they have very high pressure on their daily life. So having a break for example in the middle of the day is very common in some countries, and for example in mainland China. So we are now trying to promote this kind of concept, you may say lifestyle, to Hong Kong people," said Nap Lounge's general manager, David Lau.

Satin pillows and soothing scents make it a sleepy home away from home in the busy city. Banker Chris Lau said he felt refreshed and ready to head back to work after his snooze. "It's something very new to me. And the experience is fascinating. I mean I haven't experienced this kind of lifestyle before. So all in all I enjoyed it," he said.

While stress may hit the bankers the most, Hong Kong's nap rooms aren't just aimed at the suits. Kevin Lee, who co-founded Chillazy, pitched his business at a younger generation, with hammocks in place of beds. Lee said customers eventually cottoned on to the idea of spending cash to relax.

"Here we are charging them for the time they spend here – so at the beginning the customer was kind of not comfortable with this pricing model – they have to like, count the time they stay here, it's not really a relaxing thing to them, but after they stayed here, they enjoy the place, they enjoy the vibe here, and then they talk to us, they actually like it, and this is what they need. This is what they should pay for, instead of anything else," he said.

While popular for now, nap lounges have yet to prove themselves as a viable business model and not just a trend in the eternally hectic city.