Teachers at a school in Alberquarque have described their panic after a nine-year-old girl in Albuquerque accidentally brought in medical marijuana and handed it out to other pupils.

The student at the Albuquerque School of Excellence brought in her parent's medicinal marijuana in a box labelled 'incredibles' and ate one before school started, believing they were gummy candy.

After eating one of the marijuana edibles, the child said she started feeling dizzy.

The Dean of Elementary Students, Kristy Del Curto, told KRQU: "We noticed the student who initially brought the edible to our school was acting strange. She started saying she couldn't see."

The girl said the THC gummies, which can be two to 100 times more potent than traditional marijuana, made her feel like "the room was going to flip to the side".

The staff then called emergency services so paramedics could monitor the other children to make sure they did not suffer any adverse affect.

"Please be assured we're doing everything we can as a school to make sure this doesn't happen again," added Del Curto.

The incident resulted in the school posting a message on Facebook advising parents about discussing drugs around children in the state where medical marijuana is legal.

The statement said: "As we informed our parents via email for the incident happened last week, we would like to remind all students and parents to be cautious about food/drink sharing.

"'A picture is worth thousand words' and we would like our community to be alert with drugs and any edibles that may or could be in different formats. We kindly ask our parents and community members not to talk explicitly about drugs/medicine when students are present (unintentionally to tempt or encourage students to use drugs)."