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The creatively placed ad on YouPorn makes it appear as if Austria's Interior Minister is watching porn videos YouPorn/ Screen grab

Austria's Pirate Party has turned to popular porn site YouPorn to publicise what it perceives to be the rise of online surveillance in the country. A banner ad placed on the front page of YouPorn features a picture of Austria's Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner, together with the words: "Johanna wants to watch you!"

After clicking on the ad, users are forwarded to a message on the website of Austria's Pirate Party warning of the government's plans to implement a surveillance state. The party claims that the Austrian government could be monitoring the sexual preferences of web users in the country.

"Currently, the asylum issue dominates political discussion in Austria, meaning other important issues of the future will be pushed into the background," the statement reads. "Behind the scenes, the government and the Interior Minister are progressing the implementation of an Orwellian surveillance state.

"The government and intelligence agencies - as well as private companies - want your data. Your personal information is worth money. It is used to conserve political power or enforce corporate interests... In the wrong hands your data can quickly lead to unpleasant consequences for you, ranging from unwanted ads to having your every move tracked."

Austria's Pirate Party was founded in 2006 and forms part of a much wider movement that began in Sweden in the same year. As the name suggests, Pirate parties support open content, freedom information, network neutrality, information privacy and copyright reform.

While Austria's Pirate Party has never gained more than 3% of the vote at a general or municipal election, the movement has experienced considerable success in other countries. Earlier this year, Iceland's Pirate Party ranked as the most popular political party in the country following a dramatic increase in support.