Myka Stauffer, a mother of five, became a mother of four as she and her husband, James Stauffer, revealed to the world that they had re-homed their adopted son. On Tuesday, they announced that they had not been able to cope with the medical requirements of their adopted son. While many followers showed support, others were disturbed by the way the family seemed to have discarded the child.

Myka's channel gained followers when she started sharing her experience of adopting a child from China. The couple managed to complete the adoption process and welcomed their adopted son, Huxley, two and a half years ago. It was known that Huxley was on the autism spectrum at the time of adoption. On her social media pages, Myka featured videos and pictures of Huxley. However, her followers took notice when Huxley went missing from her recent social media posts.

On Tuesday, the couple came clean about why Huxley had not been seen in the recent happy family posts. In the video, sitting on their bed, the emotional couple addressed their followers. They revealed that they had been struggling to provide Huxley with the medical care that he needed. James said that at the time of adoption they were not aware of the extent of "special needs" Huxley had.

YouTuber Myka Stauffer explains she returned her adopted Chinese son back to the adoption agency because, in her words, “he had a lot more special needs than we were aware of”. She is being accused of alleged child abuse for duct taping her son’s arms. What are your thoughts?

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The social media stars were seen breaking into tears at various points in the video . Towards the end of it, they assured that Huxley had been successfully re-homed. They said that adoption services had been trying to find the perfect fit for him for over a month. Finally, they found a new home for Huxley. His new mother is trained to provide the necessary medical care for the autistic child. They claimed that they had not spoken about the adoption process for the sake of Huxley's privacy and they did not share any more information about his new family.

The comment section of the Youtube video showed followers sharing their support. However, people on Instagram and Twitter did not take the couple's decision well. Most of the comments are questioning what the couple would have done if one of their four biological children were on the spectrum. Angered Twitter users believe that Huxley was "used" as a prop by the family.

Some even pointed out that Huxley was treated differently from their biological children in the past.

So you punish a 3 year old by wrapping his hands in duck tape may i also state he is non verbal. Yet your bio 7 year old daughter is caught sucking her thumbs and i see no duck tape around her hands. #mykastauffer

— emily (@_xoem_) May 28, 2020

Twitter users are trying to get brands to stop sponsoring the channel by using the #cancelstauffers hashtag.

According to the New York Post, brands like Big Lots, TJ Maxx and Danimals yoghurt sponsor Myka's channel.

YouTuber couple "re-homed" adopted son as they were not able to cope with his special needs. (representational image) Reuters