Following a series of alleged zombie or cannibal-like attacks across the US, a town in New England carried out a drill to face the so-called zombie apocalypse day.

Although the government openly refused to accept the existence of such zombies, emergency officials in Maine reportedly took part in the exercise.

The drill was conducted by the Northeast Maine Regional Resource Centre (NMRRC) along with other local authorities.

Up to 100 emergency officials from eight different counties took part.

Reports suggest an unknown virus originally from Jamaica has reached Maine which may potentially turn the infected into zombies. They will be biting people randomly due to the brain infection caused by the virus, so goes the story.

Although there no real outbreaks as such, people have been trained to act accordingly in case of any emergency.

During the drill, disease, chaos and the walking dead were also there, reported from the region.

Fire-fighters and heath care officials were also part of the training. The drill was made light-hearted but at the same time equipped the participants to face any eventuality.

Questions like: "How would an outbreak of pandemic disease first present itself? What first responders and government agencies would be responsible for attempting to contain it? How would vital resources be transported and distributed to citizens in need? Who gets priority if there isn't enough medicine to go around?" were posed to participants.

Health officials were equipped with two kinds of vaccines also.

Days back, police shot dead a naked man Rudy Eugene who was trying to chew the face of another man in Miami, Florida. In another incident in Maryland, a student allegedly killed a man and ate his heart and brain.

"The entire thing is very similar to any regular pandemic influenza planning. So we can use what we learn here in the planning for that type of event," NMRRC director Kathy Knight was quoted by the Daily Mail.

Here is a look at people dressed as zombies across the world: