A dog in Australia's Perth is now breathing through a tube in his throat after it was allegedly poisoned. The incident is the latest in a spate of dog baitings around the city, according to reports.

Dutch, the 11-year-old Jack Russell, was in the intensive vet care for three days after Carolyn Banks, the dog's owner, found her pup in the backyard sick and disoriented.

"He couldn't walk, he couldn't stand up," Banks said.

The experience has left Banks "heartbroken" and she is now raising funds to pay for mounting vet bills to keep her dog alive, 9 News Perth reported.

Veterinarian Katrin Swindells suspected that Dutch might have eaten something caustic which lead to the burning of his stomach "and also damaged the top of his windpipe".

"I haven't seen deliberate baiting beforehand, but anything is possible," she said.

Dutch may need to undergo expensive surgery to make the breathing apparatus permanent as the damage is very severe. Banks said she now has to pay around $12,000 (£9032.31)

But this is not the first time Dutch has escaped injuries. Earlier in 2012, he managed to survive a truck crash which had killed his original owners.

According to the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), baitings are on the rise with both dogs and cats being targeted.

People found guilty of the crime face a $50,00 (£3763.46) fine and up to five years in prison.