2019 might have been a lacklustre year for Microsoft when it comes to hardware sales, but analysts believe 2020 might turn out to be different. A couple of months ago, the company showcased its annual product refresh. Most people felt that it was a mixed bag with small improvements offered by the new Surface catalogue. Meanwhile, on the gaming front, journalists continued to criticise the lack of communication regarding its next-generation venture. However, it seems the following year will be entirely different with several notable items slated for release.

Xbox Series X

The latest to make the headlines is the debut of the Xbox Series X. Fans have been waiting for any announcement regarding the new console for a while now. Moreover, rumours began to surface about the delayed development of Project Scarlett. Nevertheless, all speculation was finally put to rest after The Game Awards 2019. Consumers finally got a first-hand look at what the new Xbox looks like as well as a short trailer for a new game that was allegedly running on in-game graphics – "Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2."

Surface Neo

The Neo is just one of the two Surface devices that were introduced this year but were scheduled to come out in 2020. What makes this product so intriguing is the dual-display configuration and the fact that it runs on Windows 10X. It is expected to release around the holiday season, which is most likely shortly after next year's Surface Event. Microsoft has yet to reveal the pricing and more information about its variants if there are any.

Surface Duo

This is the second dual-screen Surface that debuted alongside the Neo. While it might seem like a shrunk-down version of the latter, the manufacturer confirms that it is a fully functional smartphone. Moreover, it is the odd one out of the bunch because it runs on Android. Just like its bigger folding cousin, The Verge suggests consumers will learn more about the two at the Build conference in May 2020.

Additional Surface Devices

There were several items absent this year. These include updated versions of the Surface Book, Surface Studio, and Surface Go. Tech experts believe Microsoft might have been holding off on these reveals in order to launch everything in 2020. Other products expected to become available in the following year are the Surface Earbuds, Surface Hub 2X, and the rumoured Surface webcams.

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