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Home buyers spend an average of 26 minutes looking around a property before making the offer REUTERS
'22% of homeowners regret buying their current property'
More than 1 in 5 of homeowners regret buying the property they live in according to PropertyCheck - a website that provides information on properties and their surrounding areas.
When buying a house, people spend on average just a little over 26 minutes wondering around the property before making an offer - one of the reasons why the study suggests that so many people regret the purchase.
Nearly half of all people surveyed in the report say that crime is the number one external factor when it comes to buying a home. But as many as 2 in 5 said the neighbours were the second major factor.
Other important issues were the local transport links and closeness to family.

What matters when buying property?

Crime 44 %

Neighbours 40%

Local transport links 36%

Proximity to family 29%