The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has arrested over 3,000 people in connection with London riots of August, 2011. Operation Withern has charged 1,931 of these.

"We continue to arrest and charge people every day which is testament to the hard work of the officers involved in this investigation. It is also important that the public see we are not only arresting people but that these arrests are ending up with people being convicted for their crimes," said the investigation's Chief Commander, Steve Rodhouse, in a statement.

Investigations lead by Operation Withern have resulted in 1,809 cases being brought before the courts; 618 of that total have been sentenced and 255 jailed. The cases of 1,058 people charged during the disorder are still ongoing.

"My message to those who were involved in the disorder and criminality is that you will not get away with it. We have a huge team of dedicated officers working on this investigation and we will find you. We are determined to continue bringing those who committed these outrageous acts of criminality to justice. There will be more arrests and convictions," Rodhouse added.

In addition, the MPS has released a further 71 pictures of those jailed for crimes during the riots, with possible sentences totaling 100 years. The pictures show people convicted for a variety of offenses, ranging from burglary and violent disorder to criminal damage and handling stolen goods.

The photographs can be seen at -