Police in Brazil are hunting for at least 30 men who allegedly gang raped a 16-year-old girl and filmed the incident, posting the footage on social media. The teenager was filmed lying injured and unconscious in footage that is believed to have been taken on 21 May, in Morro do Barão in Jacarepaguá, Rio de Janeiro.

In addition to the footage reportedly put online by two of the men, photographs of the girl's wounded genitals were also posted on the internet. The girl's boyfriend is among four men for whom arrest warrants have been issued following the attack.

The girl was reportedly visiting her boyfriend at his house on 20 May when she believes she was drugged, waking up two days later. She told police she had woken up to find "33 guys on top of me". She spent a night at a medical facility before recounting what had happened to the police, O Globo reported.

Three male voices can be heard on the footage, one of whom comments: "This is the famous slut from Barão" as he films the unconscious teenager. Another adds: "Over 30 guys have made her pregnant".

The case has horrified Brazil, with feminist organisations in the country speaking out after social media users commented the girl "should have stayed home" and suggested she was responsible for the assault. Users also liked and shared the disturbing photos and footage, with one user commenting: "They knocked her out, understand? Hahaha", according to Folha de Sao Paulo.

Sao Paulo feminist organisation Think Olga said in a statement on the attack: "Women worldwide take their own lives when they find themselves in such circumstances, because they fear the same impunity that allows their perpetrators to defame them on social media. This absurd violation of their privacy is comparable in severity to the crime itself, because it multiplies thousands of times with every view, every click."