A man in Bila Tserkva, central Ukraine did not want to be disturbed while watching a television show. He flew into a fit of rage when his 5-year-old stepson asked to sit on his lap during the show. The man ended up tossing the child out of the apartment window, causing serious injuries. While the child's condition remains critical, the man has been arrested and may be sentenced to 15 years in prison.

The young boy named Sergey had been napping in the home which he shares with his mother, step-father and twin brother. When Sergey woke up, he went to his stepfather, who was watching a show on the television. He wanted to sit on the lap of the 39-year-old man. Instead of taking care of the child's needs, the man pushed him away.

The child tried to get his stepfather's attention again. This angered the man as the child was causing a distraction while he was trying to watch a show. Instead of making the child understand that he was busy, the man exhibited an extreme reaction. He picked up the child and threw him out of the apartment's window.

It is unclear which floor the flat was on. However, the child fell from a significant height. According to The Sun, the family's next-door neighbour was alerted by the child's fall. She recalled hearing the sound of glass breaking followed by cries. Looking out of her window, she saw the child on the ground in a pool of blood. She immediately alerted the emergency services.

The child's mother rushed out and took the child back to the family's flat trying to cover-up the incident. When the ambulance arrived, she refused to allow the medics to inspect the child. Finally, when the police came, she was forced to allow them into the apartment.

Sergey was taken to Second Kyiv Regional Children's Hospital where he is under treatment for his injuries. The head of hospital, Natalia Bigari, updated that the child was passing in and out of consciousness. He sustained head injuries, fractures to his skull, abdominal injuries and multiple cuts and bruises. He remains under constant monitoring.

The unnamed man responsible for the child's injuries tried to escape by fleeing from their home. Within an hour, the police caught the man and arrested him. While he remains in police custody, he is being investigated for an attempt to murder. If charged and found guilty, he may be imprisoned for up to 15 years.

5-year-old was thrown out of the apartment window for disturbing his stepfather. (representational image) iStock