A family outing turned into a nightmare ordeal as 6-year-old Phoebe was swept away over the top of a waterfall on Sunday, July 19. Phoebe fell into the water in the top pool at Ceunant Mawr waterfall near Llanberis, Wales. She was washed 100-feet down into the lower pool. Phoebe's mother's partner, Liam Bolland, and another visitor to the falls helped save the young girl. She survived the ordeal with minor injuries and the family has called for better safety measures to prevent such an incident from occurring again.

The Sunday trip from Chester to Llanberis was meant to be a fun break for the family. Phoebe was less than two feet from her mother when she reportedly bent down and lost balance. The child stumbled backwards and fell into the top pool of the waterfall.

Seeing her child fall into the water, Phoebe's mother started shouting for help. Bolland claims he heard screams from his partner and his son while he was taking photographs nearby. Alarmed, he jumped into the pool after Phoebe. However, the speed of the water and noise from the cascade made it impossible for Bolland to find Phoebe.

Before Bolland found the girl, she was swept down the massive waterfall into the lower pool. He told the BBC that he was stuck in the water for a while before being able to drag himself out.

Phoebe's family kept screaming at the people near the lower pool for help. One of the visitors heroically waded into the water and took Phoebe out. Luckily, she was conscious and seemingly unharmed. She was taken to Bangor's Ysbyty Gwynedd where she was medically cleared.

The young girl was shaken by the ordeal but suffered only a few bruises and a cut on her arm. She recalled every detail of the incident and later revealed that she was only a little scared. Phoebe said that she remembered the bubbling water as well as the rocks and fishes in the water.

The family returned to the scene to understand how the accident took place. Inspecting the area, the family has asked the Gwynedd Council to take steps to make the destination safe for visitors. The council spokesperson pointed out that there are warning signs in the area asking visitors not to enter the water.

 Ceunant Mawr waterfall
The young girl was swept down the Ceunant Mawr waterfall surviving with minor cuts and bruises. (representational image) Hefin Owen/https://www.flickr.com/photos/47515486@N05/8648588512