Police arrested a Honduran man after he risked the life of his son by horrifically burning his arm. The child had to get his arm amputated, since the family had allowed the wound to fester. The unnamed child and his siblings have been removed from the family's custody for their safety.

49-year-old Leonardo Soto of Honduras was arrested by the police on suspicious of grievously harming his seven-year-old son in Montana de la Flor, Orica. Soto had reportedly told the child not to eat something. The child disobeyed the father's instructions and ate what he was forbidden from eating. It is unknown what the father had asked the child not to eat.

The child's actions angered the father so much that he decided to punish him severely. Soto burnt the child's entire right forearm on December 19. Suffering third-degree burns all the way until his elbow, medical attention was not given to the child immediately after the incident. When the wounds started to fester, the child was taken to the hospital.

Crime scene tape
A representational image of a crime scene. (Pixabay)

At the hospital, doctors concluded that the child had suffered serious third-degree burns that had become infected. Since the infection had become serious, the doctors were unable to save the arm. After amputation, the child remained in the hospital for recovery. During that time, the police arrested Soto for his cruel punishment.

The court of Talanga heard the case against Soto. Soto was charged with child abuse as well as causing serious injuries. The court instructed that the child, as well as his two siblings, are to be removed from the custody of their family.

According to The Sun, the burn victim and his two younger brothers aged five and three remain under the care of the Direction of Children, Adolescent and Family while the case is ongoing. The names of the children and other related information have not been released by the police.