A relationship that started with a fuel delivery service in West Java, Indonesia appears to have come to an end. 78-year-old Abah Sarna fell in love with 17-year-old Noni Navita when the teen used to deliver fuel to his residence for his farming machinery. The news of their love story and marriage became widely shared over social media due to the substantial age gap. The couple, unfortunately, is about to split only 22 days into the marriage as the husband has filed for a divorce.

The grandfather from Subang in West Java faced objection from his family when he announced his intent to marry the teenager. Despite the opposition, the couple got married in October. Since the marriage, the couple seemed happy together. However, seemingly out of nowhere, Abah filed for divorce on October 30.

Noni and her family were taken aback by the sudden move by the elderly man. They claim that the couple did not have any issues before the divorce was filed. They also pointed out that everyone in the girl's family had been supportive of the unusual relationship.

Speaking to Tribun News, a member of Noni's family revealed what they suspect led to the divorce. The source suspects the divorce came due to pressure from Abah's family. They said that the man's family is not supportive of the relationship. They had been even more enraged when the elderly man gave his bride a massive dowry.

Two pick-up trucks full of household items were gifted to his new bride. He also gave the girl's family a motorbike. Abah also gifted Noni 11 grams of gold and Rp. 10m (£ 535). Even though he filed for the divorce he did not ask for the gifts to his ex-wife to be returned.

The love story of the unusual pair became popular when their marriage was confirmed. Abah revealed that he had fancied Noni ever since she first delivered gasoline to his home. He spoke about how he started conversing with the teen and they eventually fell in love. Their love story, unfortunately, has a sad ending.

A bride holds wedding rings
78-year-old man divorced his 17-year-old bride after 22-days of marriage. petrov/Unsplash