At least nine Kurds are now thought to have died in protests across Turkey over the country's perceived inaction in the face of the imminent fall of Kobani, just metres across the Syrian border.

According to Reuters five protesters died in the Kurdish-dominated city of Diyarbakir, a man died in Varto, one in Batman and two in Siirt province. Ankara and Istanbul have also seen protests, with tear gas used to dispel protesters. A curfew has been imposed in some Kurdish towns.

"Violence is not the solution," said Turkey's interior Minister Efkan Ala. "Violence triggers reprisals. This irrational attitude should come to an end immediately."

The minister's comments seem unlikely to appease the Kurds, who are furious at what they see as Turkey's reluctance to help save Kobani from the onslaught of Isis (Islamic State) despite being just metres away and being played out within eyesight from the border. Many Kurds, from Syria, Iraq and Turkey, have tried to get across the border to help but been beaten back.

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Newly-arrived Syrian Kurdish refugees travel on a truck after crossing into Turkey from the Syrian border town of Kobane Reuters

Turkey's Kurdish Party said: "The situation in Kobani is extremely critical. We call on our people to go out into the streets, or support those that have gone onto the streets, to protest the ISIL attacks and the ... stance of (Turkey's) AKP government against Kobani."

Kobani itself is quieter today with the advance of Isis apparently stalled due to an increase in Coalition air strikes. Within the city Kurds are fighting desperately to keep the militants at bay, even resorting to suicide bombings when all else fails. The UN has warned of a disaster if Isis takes control of the city.

Turkey has accepted tens of thousands of refugees from Syria but says it will not join the Coalition unless there is agreement to also remove President Assad. The Turkish government refute allegations that they are doing nothing about the growing crisis to the south. Deputy Prime Minister Yalcin Akdogan said on Twitter: "It is a massive lie that Turkey is doing nothing on Kobani. Turkey is doing whatever can be done in humanitarian aspects."