Disgraced former Sunderland footballer Adam Johnson has taken on a new role in prison following his conviction for child sex offences as a £20-a-week hairdresser. Johnson, currently serving a six- year sentence for grooming and sexual activity with a child, was given the job after turning down the chance to coach football over fears he would be targeted by other inmates, according to reports.

Johnson, who used to earn £60,000 a week at Sunderland, is said to have been given the "cushy" job after being transferred from Armley Jail in Leeds to the category C complex HMP Moorland near Doncaster in April.

The former England international is also said to have his own cell after being moved to the prison's sex offender's unit. A source told the Sun: "Johnson is trying to keep his head down and avoid problems with other inmates. Some are slightly annoyed because he has landed quite a cushy job, does not have to work too hard and even gets two hours off for lunch. But no one has given him trouble about it.

"He opted to avoid coaching football. And staff were worried he could get injured if someone targeted him."

Johnson was imprisoned in March after committing three child sex offences against a 15-year-old girl who "idolised" him.