Heavy snow fall led to a series of avalanches in Afghanistan over the weekend, killing more than 100 people. At least 50 bodies were recovered from the Nuristan province alone, where entire villages were buried under the snow and debris.

"Avalanches have buried two entire villages in Bargmatal district, 50 bodies were recovered from one village while rescuers are trying to reach the other village," said Mohammad Omar Mohammadi, a spokesman for the ministry of natural disasters.

About 54 others were reportedly killed in north and east Afghanistan and authorities believe the death toll will increase as search and rescue missions continue. Several people are still being reported as missing, but attempts to bring aid to some of the remote villages is proving difficult due to the blocked roads and severe weather conditions.

Neighbouring Pakistan was also affected by avalanches. According to local news agency Dawn, at least 14 people were killed in Sher Shal in the district of Chitral.

Chitral Scouts Commandant Col Nizamuddin Shah said that of the bodies found, six were women and another six were children. A second avalanche in Pishotan hit a military scout post, killing one soldier and injuring six others.

"There is no way to rush the injured persons to Chitral hospital [either] because all roads in the valley have been blocked due to heavy snowfall," Chitral Deputy Commissioner Shahab Hameed Yousafzai said, according to Reuters.

Hundreds of vehicles were stranded in the snow on Afghanistan and Pakistan's roads and highways. Two drivers froze to death after being trapped on the Salang pass north of Kabul.

Afghanistan heavy snow
Afghan men push a car which was stuck in the snow on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan February 5, 2017 REUTERS/Omar Sobhani