An Afghan man walks along a path under snow-laden trees in Kabul on February 5, 2017. Getty

Scores of people have been killed after heavy snow and avalanches hit Afghanistan and Pakistan over the weekend.

In eastern Afghanistan, more than 50 people have been confirmed dead while at least nine have been killed in Pakistan.

Dozens more are feared trapped under collapsed roofs and many have been reported missing.

Hafiz Abdul Qayum, governor of Nuristan province in Afghanistan, told Reuters: "Based on information from district officials, 50 dead bodies have been recovered and the number may increase."

A ministry of natural disasters spokesman confirmed to AFP that in the region 168 houses were also destroyed and 340 cattle were killed.

Authorities said they expect the death toll to quickly escalate as many of the worst-hit areas have yet to be reached. At least 12 districts have reportedly been cut off by snow.

In the north-eastern province of Badakhshan, officials confirmed at least 18 people – including three women and two children – after avalanches hit their homes.

"Several dozen are still trapped, we are trying to rescue them," Badakhshan spokesman Naweed Frotan said, adding that many roads were still blocked.

Deaths were also reported in Baghdis province and Parwan province, north of Kabul, where a spokesman for the governor confirmed 16 people had died.

In Pakistan, many of the deaths were reported in the village of Shershal in Chitral district.

Snowfall across both countries is as high as 4ft (1m).

Deadly avalanches are common in Afghanistan's mountainous areas in winter and rescue efforts are frequently hampered by lack of equipment.

Despite billions of dollars in international aid after the ousting of the Taliban government in 2001, Afghanistan remains among the world's poorest nations.