Afghan bus attack
An Afghan policeman guards the site of today's blast in Kabul (Reuters) Reuters file photo

At least four people have been killed after a suicide bomber rammed a small truck packed with explosives into a foreign-run security compound in Kabul, Afghanistan, said local officials.

The attack occurred in the early hours of the morning in an area in the eastern outskirts of the city, reports AP news agency.

Officials said that after the gate was destroyed in the blast, attackers attempted to enter the compound.

Two security guards killed are believed to be Afghans. Three civilians are reported to have been wounded in the attack.

There are numerous foreign compounds and military bases in the area of the attack. The blast was heard across the city, and afterwards a cloud of smoke rose from the site.

Taliban militants have claimed responsibility for the attack.

Afghan First Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum visited the site after the blast and said it was "the work of intelligence services" acting in collusion with the attackers.

"It was a bomb in a small truck at the gate of a foreign base. Initial reports show two guards killed, several wounded," Najib Danish, deputy spokesman for the ministry of interior, told the AFP news agency.

Nato's International Security Assistance Force said that none of its personnel were injured in the attack.

In recent weeks, Kabul has been rocked by a series of suicide attacks. Experts believe that Taliban may have infiltrated security and intelligence services, allowing them access to sites and targets shielded by high security.

On Sunday, suicide attackers targeted Shukria Barakzai, a prominent female politician, killing three civilians and wounding her.

A week earlier a suicide attacker bomber managed to gain access to the police headquarters and killed a senior officer.