Andrey Arshavin
Arshavin is out of favour with Arsenal fans. REUTERS

Andrey Arshavin's agent has claimed that the Russia international plans on staying at Arsenal for the long term future, and is hoping to win silverwear and end the club's trophyless drought.

Arshavin was strongly linked with an exit from the Gunners in preparation for the January transfer window, and after fans appeared to have lost patience with him when he came onto the pitch for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain against Manchester United, it appeared Arsene Wenger was losing patience with him too.

And while Arshavin stayed at Arsenal beyond the 11pm deadline, he is still being connected with a possible move away from the club, with the Russian transfer window still open.

But Phil Smith, Arshavin's agent, has quashed any reports of him leaving the club for Russia this window, claiming he still wants to achieve a lot more before leaving Arsenal.

"Andrey doesn't think it is time to go back yet," Smith told "He still feels he has a lot to do at Arsenal. He wants to win something, fulfil his ambitions and recover his form both for Arsenal and ahead of the European Championships.

"The Russia window lasts until 24th February and a guy representing Anzhi has made a tentative approach. But Andrey is not going to talk to the Russians because he doesn't want to leave and Arsenal don't want him to go, either. A lot depends on the summer."

The IBTimes UK wrote an investigative piece on Arshavin last week, showing that the 30 year old's performances have been on a constant decline since joining Arsenal in 2009.

Wenger refused to defend his substitution decision against Manchester United, after even Robin van Persie queried his moves on the day.

But the Arsenal squad has rallied together since, with van Persie in particular insisting that they will keep their spirits high despite losing their last three matches.