agents of shield
Agents of Shield season 3 will tie in to the events of Captain America Civil War ABC

Agents of Shield season 3 episode 20 will follow the events of Captain America: Civil War. Agent Phil Coulson will take Steve Rogers's side in the debate, and refuse to register the Inhumans working for him.

The upcoming episode is titled, Emancipation, which will air on 10 May at 9pm EST on the ABC Network. The official synopsis reads as follows:

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In the latest promo, General Talbot is seen having a discussion with Agent Coulson about registering people with super-human abilities with the government. Talbot says, "I am here because the president sent me. The Sokovia Accords is a law now, and he is concerned that you may have some undocumented enhanced assets working for you."

To which Coulson questions, "Why would he think that?" And the General replies, "Because he is not a moron. Come on Phil! its time for SHIELD to come in from the cold. Relegitimise." Coulson cuts him off and adds, "In exchange for revealing and registering any Inhumans we may have? Not going to happen."

The General sighs and adds, "Why are you so pig-headed? It's good enough for the Avengers." But the Sheild Agent here references team Captain America and says that not all of them have agreed. "The Avengers work in the spotlight. We work in the shadows," he says, making it clear that he is siding with Team Cap.

General Talbot then warns the Agent and says, "You better start opening some doors or I promise you, I am going to start kicking them down." The promo ends with Coulson asking the General to buckle in as the bartender pushes a button sending the table downward.

In Civil War, the Avengers are divided in two teams – one that advocates the registration led by Tony Stark/Iron Man and the other that stand against it aka team Captain America/ Steve Rogers.