An unnamed 29-year-old Airbnb host recalled the destruction she and her fiancé had to deal with after hosting a couple. The student claims that the couple who rented the flat caused £4,000 worth of damages. When the hosts returned to the flat in Battlefield, Glasgow they were scared that they would find a dead body in the trashed home. Scotland police investigated the incident and pointed out that the destruction of Airbnb homes had become a disturbing trend. Airbnb only offered a small amount of money as compensation to the flat owners.

Along with her bank worker partner, the female host of the Airbnb flat had bought the place in January. The couple live on another property in a different part of the city. They were hoping to rent out the place to a friend in March but before the long-term rent, they decided to rent out on Airbnb.

A guest booked the flat for 22 February. They agreed to pay £68 along with an additional cleaning fee. When the host met the guest, she got a little worried since the guest seemed like a girl who was barely 18-years-old. She was accompanied by a boy. The girl assured the host that they would just have a "quiet drink" at the flat.

The next day, the host returned to find the flat completely vandalised. She shared pictures of the devastation with The Sun.

Piles of clothes were left dumped on the bed. The furniture around the apartment were broken. Pots containing plants were smashed and scattered. The television from the living room was covered in shower gel and bubble bath before being dumped in the tub. Mirrors were broken. A hacksaw was used to destroy fittings around the apartment. The extent of the devastation made the hosts fear that they would find someone murdered in the flat.

When the host tried to call the guest, she changed her name on Airbnb and stopped responding.

The host claimed that the neighbours reported a noise complaint with Airbnb. Airbnb offered £500 for cleaning services and £70 to change the locks to the flat. The host claims that the damages caused to the flat and décor cost them £4,000 to replace so they have to pay £3,500 from their own pockets. Airbnb also rejected the claims that the neighbours had raised a noise complaint.

The police told the hosts that there is a group of vandals who have started targeting Airbnb homes. While the police are trying to find the vandals and bring them to justice, an Airbnb spokesperson assured that they had blocked the user. However, nothing can prevent them from creating another profile under a fake identity. The host told The Sun that she would no longer be renting out on Airbnb.

AirBnB disaster Paris
Airbnb guests trashed home as a part of a new vandalism trend. Facebook / Laurie Snkw