Twelves inmates in an Alabama jail who escaped on Sunday (30 July) used peanut butter to trick a young guard into opening the door that allowed them out.

Of the twelve, only one remains at large, 24-year-old Brady Andrew Kilpatrick, who was in jail on charges of possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana.

Off duty employees of Walker County Sheriff's Office and Jasper Police Department were activated in a huge manhunt involving several other departments after the inmates were discovered missing around 6:30pm local time on Sunday, reported.

Walked County Sheriff James Underwood said on Monday (31 July) that the number of a cell door had been covered with peanut butter, letting the inmates trick a younger guard into opening an outside door that he thought was a cell door.

"It may sound crazy, but these kinds of people are crazy like a fox," Underwood said.

The tricked guard was reportedly relatively new to the job, Underwood had said the escape was "human error" but added he would not make any excuses for the incident.

The Sheriff's Office has offered a reward of $500 (£378) to any information that leads to an arrest - now of the only remaining escapee.