An Anchorage, Alaska Subway restaurant was reportedly torn apart by a naked woman high on spice. PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images

Police in Anchorage, Alaska have arrested a 35-year-old woman accused of stripping off her clothes and destroying a East Anchorage Subway restaurant on 13 October. The woman, identified as Nikki Abrell, entered the sandwich shop around 5pm local time and locked herself in the restroom for two hours, refusing to leave, police spokeswoman Anita Shell said.

A witness to the incident, Tina Anaya, spoke to KTUU and said she saw the restaurant's employees outside of the restaurant when she arrived. "When I pulled up, I saw a bunch of the Subway workers outside and I thought they were taking a smoke break," she said. "But when I looked inside there was a naked woman literally tearing the place apart."

Anaya, who was the third person to call the authorities, said she saw Abrell "smearing faeces all over stuff". The suspect also reportedly attempted to resist arrest when police tried to take her into custody, according to KTUU.

The woman was naked and destroying the inside of the restaurant when police arrived, charging documents stated. According to KTVA, Abrell managed to slip out of a handcuff after being taken into custody and "threw her arms forward".

A responding officer filed a formal complaint that claimed she "appeared to [be] under the influence of drugs" and "could not hold a conversation, only murmured her statements". Shell told reporters that police believe she was under the influence of spice due to her "behaviour more than anything". Spice, a drug sometimes referred to as synthetic marijuana, is a mix of herbs and manmade chemicals that has mind-altering effects.

KTVA reported that the building's maintenance supervisor told police damage was estimated at more than $20,000 (£12,921). Abrell was charged with third-degree criminal mischief, harassment and resisting arrest. Her bond was set at $10,000.