Firefighters filmed post-apocalyptic scenes in Fort McMurray, Alberta, on 5 May, after an out-of-control wildfire forced the evacuation of the entire community, including other areas south of the city. The Fort McMurray neighbourhood captured in the footage is one of many that have been reduced to rubble in the wake of the blaze, which left 88,000 residents displaced.

Fort McMurray fire chief Darby Allen said on Thursday night that things had calmed down a little in the oil sands city, but teams were still out fighting fires and trying to protect properties. There were more than 1,110 firefighters battling against a total of 49 wildfires burning across the region, seven of which were out of control, according to The Edmonton Sun.

Provincial officials also announced that about 4,000 evacuees, who fled to work camps north of Fort McMurray, were flown to either Edmonton or Calgary by late afternoon. Another 4,000 were expected to be airlifted by the end of the day, using a combination of WestJet and oil sands industry planes, as well as a military aircraft.

More flights are expected Friday from the work camps, but officials also hope to start moving people out in their own cars.