In a bid to control alcohol-related anti-social behavior, the Bloxwich Police have issued 37 people with notices to leave the town center.

The local police have been patrolling the streets of the town since August and anyone found drinking in public and displaying the potential to create a nuisance for the community has been served with a notice to leave the immediate area. Once served such a notice, that person, according to community laws, may not return for up to 48 hours. A breach of that law can lead to an arrest and he or she may be produced before the courts.

"We have been working with partner agencies to come up with long-term solutions to tackle anti-social behavior in and around Bloxwich. The notices are use to tackle alcohol related anti-social behavior which has recently been reported to us," said Bloxwich PC David Mitchison.

"Partners, including Walsall Housing Group, local councilors and Donovan Bailey, the council's neighborhood manager, have been on patrol with us and we have set up a regular patrol which targets anti-social behavior," Mitchison added.

The crackdown comes after several complaints of congregating, drinking alcohol in public places and rowdy and inconsiderate behavior from local residents and businesses around the areas of Bloxwich High Street have been recorded.

As an example of how the laws work, a 45-year-old local resident was asked to leave the town center on Oct. 30 after local businesses complained of his drunken behavior. He breached the conditions of the notice and was arrested and produced before the Walsall magistrates' court the next day, where he was fined £45.