A three-year-old boy has miraculously survived after being knocked down by lorry. The accident happened as the boy was being pushed in a pram across a busy crossing in Anji county of east China's Zhejiang Province.

As the boy reached the middle of the pedestrian crossing, with his grandmother pushing the pram, he was struck by a lorry that careened through a red light.

With her vision of the oncoming lorry obscured by another vehicle, the grandmother had no time to react as the pram was knocked away in front of her. The boy tumbled to the road and the lorry came to a stop moments later, with the cab rolling over the child.

Luckily, the boy fell between the front wheels and he was not crushed. Immediately after the collision, the panicked driver leaped out of the vehicle and scrambled underneath the truck to rescue the boy.

After the boy was pulled out and handed back to his family, the grandmother could be seen frantically slapping at the driver. Footage of the breathtaking incident was captured on CCTV.

Chinese police said the driver had failed to notice a red light and had told them he was tired "after over two hours of driving". The truck driver, who reportedly accepted responsibility, was fined 150 yuan (£17.60) and given six points on his licence.

According to the latest figures released by the National People's Congress of China on 22 December, Chinese roads saw 58,000 deaths in more than 180,000 traffic accidents in 2015. That number is a dramatic improvement on previous years, such as the recorded deaths in 2004 at more than 107,000.

However, the World Health Organization said in a 2015 report that China often under-represents the actual number of road deaths on its roads, stating that the real figure was likely to be at least four times higher.

The report also highlighted overloaded trucks and poor road conditions as two major contributors to the high death rate on Chinese roads.