American Crime finale
American Crime chapter 10 airs tonight at 10pm on ABC Network ABC

American Crime season 1's pre-finale episode airs on 7 May at 10pm on the ABC network.

Episode 10, which is also the pre-finale, is where new evidence will be unveiled in the murder case of Matt Skokie.

Click here to watch it via live stream (ABC Go); you can also watch the episode online by clicking here.

According to the official synopsis, "Revelations from Aubry's recent statements have far-reaching implications as new and damaging allegations against Matt Skokie's role in the incident come to light. This setback is finally one that from which Barb will be unable to recover, leaving Russ to pick up the fight."

Meanwhile, Carter is handed a new lease of life while Hector's prospects take a turn for the worse after Aubry's account renders his testimony regarding Carter and the murder weapon, inconsequential. Hector is immediately deported and turned over to the Mexican authorities. Elsewhere, though Alonzo struggles to find character witnesses for Tony's upcoming hearing, his family unifies on American Crime.

In episode 9 Aubry (Caitlin Gerard) makes another shocking confession. With nothing to lose, she confesses to the crime of killing Matt and shooting Gwen, claiming it was all in self-defence. This can only mean one thing: Carter (Elvis Nolasco) was innocent this entire time.

Meanwhile, new spoilers for next week's finale tease justice, shocking reveals, and also the effort to find potential witnesses who can turn the case for Tony completely around.

The synopsis released by ABC says, "Lives are forever changed with tragic ends and Hopeful beginnings."

Here is the full description for episode 11:

In the provocative, heart stopping season finale, the criminal case comes to a shocking close for all those involved as we see each life forever altered by this incident. Charged with emotions and unexpected twists, certain journeys will end while others begin, on American Crime