Americans season 6
Keri Russell as Elizabeth Jennings and Matthew Rhys as Philip Jennings in FX Show The Americans FX

The American season 5 finale aired on 30 May and it featured KGB spies Philip and Elizabeth Jennings planning to return to the Soviet Union. However, the final hour ended with them deciding to stay in Washington DC to handle one last job.

This Tuesday's episode titled The Soviet Division ended with Pastor Tim leaving his church in suburban Washington D.C. Stan Beeman may be leaving the FBI, and most of the Morozova family is headed back to Moscow.

The Americans showrunners, executive producer Joel Fields and creator Joe Weisberg, teased what is next in store for the Jennings in the final season of the acclaimed 1980s-set FX series.

"You know we don't like to give away really anything, but probably one thing we're willing to say is that there's going to be a resolution. Sometimes people will ask about The Americans," Fields told Deadline.

"Is it moving slowly? Is anything happening? I think we are all willing to give away that there is something that most people who speak the English language would be willing to call a real ending," he added of the show's final season.

Teasing the final season, creator Weisberg told the publication, "Again, we don't want to give away too much because we want next season to feel like a sort of fresh surprise. But people do ask the question a lot how much was this season kind of gearing up for next season, and I think we can say that wasn't really how we approached this season – honestly."

The sixth season will feature the emotional and psychological development of Philip and Elizabeth according to the show creator. "Now, we did have certain things, primarily in the emotional and psychological development of Philip and Elizabeth, that we were very intent on working through in order to get them as people and as a couple and as a family where they needed to be for next season to take place. But in terms of the overall storyline, that was not really something that occupied us. We really were telling these stories as another season of The Americans," Weisberg explained.

Americans season 6
Elizabeth with Paige in The Americas season 5 finale FX