Frank Lampard has been targeted by Americans who vented fury at the England star for drunkenly laughing about the 9/11 terror outrage in New York.

The footballer was hit with web hate ahead of a potential move to New York City FC, after a newspaper in the city reminded readers about an old episode the Chelsea legend would rather forget.

The New York Daily News headline read: "British soccer star poised to join NY team once mocked Americans after 9/11 attacks."

It recalled that Lampard was one of a group of four players who "drunkenly stripped, swore and vomited" in front of disgusted Americans in the immediate aftermath of the Twin Tower attacks in 2001.

The paper said: "Lampard was among four British players who mocked American tourists stranded at a hotel near Heathrow Airport because of the Sept. 11 attacks.

"Just 24 hours after the tragedy, Lampard and his Chelsea teammates drunkenly stripped, swore and vomited in front of the upset U.S. tourists. He and his mates were fined by the club."

Chelsea fined Lampard for what he later said was something he regretted doing.

But some US football fans were in no mood to forgive Lampard following the story. Online reader Midas Mulligan said: "If this dirt bag is actually signed, it really p***** me off."

Yankeedom said: "If he made some sort of donation to a 9/11 charity, then I could forgive him. But I will never forget what he did."

New York City FC are not due to start playing competitive football until next year, meaning Lampard could play at FC Melbourne in the meantime.