Footage has emerged of the moment bricks and other missiles were hurled at squatters who have occupied a £15m ($18.7m) mansion in central London.

Members of Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians claim they were the victims of a "fascist attack" after converting the empty property, owned by Russian oligarch Andrey Goncharenko, into an occupied squatter pad several days ago.

The mansion is located in central London's Belgravia – one of the most expensive areas in the UK for buying houses – but the Grade II listed building in Eaton Square is believed to have been unoccupied and "left to rot" since it was purchased by Goncharenko in 2014.

Goncharenko, a billionaire banker, owns four properties in central London including Regent Park's Hanover Lodge, the UK's most expensive house, which he bought for £120m in 2012.

Footage taken from one of the windows of the house appears to show men dressed in black giving Nazi salutes and using threatening language towards those inside. The squatters can also be seen using fire extinguishers to fend off the attackers while bricks and other missiles are thrown towards the windows.

Metropolitan police confirm they were called following reports of a disturbance on 28 January, but no arrests were made.

In a series of tweets, the group said: "We are being violently attacked by fascists, get to 102 Eaton Square immediately. Lives are at risk.

"The mansion is being secured from inside after attacks by fascists, children are being moved upstairs, no reports of injuries.

"Fascists fought/scared off, police liaised and content. We would still appreciate numbers here to display that we will resist."

The squatters are not technically breaking any law by living in the house as it is currently classed as a non-residential property, but can be arrested if they cause damage while inside the property.

A Met Police spokesperson said: "Police were called to Eaton Square, SW1, just after 4:15pm on Saturday, 28 January, to reports of a disturbance involving a group outside a non-residential property. The suspects made off before officers arrived.

"Officers have conducted local searches and are patrolling the local area. There have been no arrests. Inquiries continue."