Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas, who has been in the news for quite some time now, has finally revealed that he is at a risk of being fired as the Blues boss following his team's poor performance in the cup as well as the league games.

Villas-Boas, who had always claimed to have the support and back-up of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, now confesses that he might be sacked because of the Blues performance, which is currently the worst since the billionaire took over the club in 2003, this season.

"We are now in the same moment as last year. It is an exact copy. The pattern of behaviour of the owner has led to a (manager's) downfall in similar situations or even 'better' situations," ESPN quoted the 34-year-old Portuguese manger as saying.

"What will be the reaction? It will be one of the two, a continuation of the project and full support or just the cultural pattern that has happened before. We don't know," he added.

Meanwhile, Villas-Boas has blasted Manchester City, who are currently at the top of the Premier League table, for their excessive spending and negative football tactics, under Italian manager Roberto Mancini.

"I refuse to build a team like City. I don't like the standards of their football. City are an Italian team and they follow the Italian standards," ESPN quoted the Chelsea boss as saying.

Although Chelsea finally ended their dry spell with a 3-0 victory over Bolton last Sunday, they have had a very poor season this year.

After already losing the race in winning the Premier League title, the Blues', advance to the next round of the Champions League is also still doubtful, after a humiliating 1-3 defeat to Napoli in the first leg of the round of sixteen.