The real reason behind Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone's break-up has been revealed and it's not work obligations. Reportedly, while filming Silence in Taiwan, Garfield cheated on his girlfriend of three years.

According to a report by OK! Magazine, The Amazing Spider-Man couple split after the actor finally confessed having a one-night stand while away from his live-in girlfriend.

Garfield allegedly told Stone that he met a girl in a bar and that it was a "one-night stand", and that he would "never dream of doing anything like that ever again," states OK magazine.

The magazine's source further explained that Stone was "horrified" by Garfield's confession. That's when she reportedly decided to end their relationship and move out of the home they shared together.

"Emma's getting all of her stuff together and looking for a new place in L.A.," the source shared. "She wants to start fresh, in a house where she won't be surrounded by memories of him." (via Hollywood Life)

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Garfield, reportedly, did not expect a break-up post his confession. He was hoping things will work out.

"He thought she'd forgive him," claims the magazine's source.

"[Emma] feels betrayed and says that she can't be with someone she doesn't trust," the source continued. "She knows that they can't be together every second of every day and doesn't want to be constantly worried that he'll cheat again."