Android 5.0 update rumoured to start seeding to Android Wear users from 10 December: Check your devices now
Android 5.0 update rumoured to start seeding to Android Wear users from 10 December: Check your devices now Reuters

Google's most expected Android 5.0 (Lollipop) update could now seed to users of the internet giant's Android Wear wearables earlier than expected.

According to an anonymous Reddit tipster's forum post, Android Wear owners should observe Android 5.0 update starting 10 December, within their devices.

The above claim is also seemingly verified by a Ubergizmo report which also suggests an imminent roll out of the most expected firmware update in recent times.

For smartphones, Android 5.0 brings about drastic new changes such as Material Design UI, lockscreen notifications, battery saver, smart lock, ambient display and much more.

Android Wear users are also not left behind with respect to newer functionality (brought about by Android 5.0 update) to their gadgets. The new functionality set expected to arrive within the update are as follows:

  • New Watch faces
  • Once Android Lollipop update sets in, users should be able to change the watch face from within the Android Wear Companion application. A new API is also expected to be launched along with Android Lollipop (from Android Wear), and the API is expected to display weather-related notifications directly on the user's customised watch face
  • The interface within the Watch Battery page is expected to get an overhaul, in the form of a new graph that displays the estimated battery life, and apps that use up the most battery life. This aspect, once official, would be similar to the battery life display metre present within smartphones and tablets
  • Android L update for Android Wearables is also expected to let users store all their music within their Wearable
  • Dismissed notifications can be recovered with just a swipe of the finger
  • New Theatre mode and sunlight mode can be used to dynamically adjust the brightness of the wearable, to suit environmental conditions existing at a specified point in time
  • 'OK Google' can be invoked with just a gentle tap on the screen, as well as via voice
  • Additional accessibility features for the visually impaired

Also, a Phandroid report mentions about Android 5.0.1 update reaching Android Wear users shortly after Android 5.0 sets in.