The Android L Developer Preview, now available for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 2013 Wi-Fi model, has a lot to offer. The images of what is claimed to be the Android TV game controller have now leaked.

Following Google's announcement of its next major Android release, developers at XDA have shared several features of the new Android L via apk files.

Recently, a senior XDA member, ivan123, released the Nexus 5 running Android L system dump which contains Android L apps, Google Play Services, Google Search, Google Playstore, private apps, keyboard, wallpapers, fonts, ringtones, alarms and boot animations. These can be installed on devices running Android KitKat.

Google unveiled the Android TV at its I/O conference. The set-top boxes running Android TV will be available sometime in autumn this year.

Now, a Redditor named bedofgoatturds has shared the images of a game controller for Android TV. Along with this, he has also found the images of different parts of the controller. These images are found in the official Android L files.

Game controller design in official Android L files

Picture of controller

Different parts of the controller

The directory they were found in is:


Reverse image search tells me that this is completely new, just thought I'd get it out there.

As seen in the leaked images, the design of the game controller is similar to the ones found in the current gamers. It has the traditional face buttons and the D pad to the left side. Additionally, there are two analogue sticks. In the centre there are three buttons two of which are the home and back buttons. The third one in the middle could be to access either the home screen or a slew of available options. Below those buttons there are four LED lights hinting at the possibility of a four-player local multiplayer game.

These leaked images could be the prototype of the Android TV game controller or a reference design to be given to some third party like Nvidia, adds Trusted Reviews. As there are some similarities between the Android TV controller and Nvidia Shield, it is possible that the two controllers could have similar APIs (Application Programme Interface).