Hundreds of angry Argentinian Justin Bieber fans have taken to the streets of Buenos Aires to demand the government let the pop star perform in the country.

The 'Beliebers' demonstrated on May 21, after Bieber tweeted he was not able to come to the country due to "legal conditions".

The impassioned fans held signs and chanted in favour of the 'Sorry' singer, and spread their message all over social media using the hashtag #MarchaBelieber. The pop star had previously tweeted that he "loves" Argentina, and it was one of his favourite places to tour.

The "legal conditions" Bieber referred to could relate to an incident in 2015, which led to the Canadian being issued an arrest warrant in the country. In 2013, local photographer Diego Pesoa accused Bieber and one of his staff of assault in Palermo Hollywood in Buenos Aires.

This warrant was later revoked. Bieber has also caused controversy in the country before, when he kicked Argentine flags off stage while performing in the capital.