Independent music label Holy Roar Records turns 10 this month. Focusing on alternative rock music, the label has managed to stay relevant and successful since 2006, despite what many have called the "death" of the music industry due to file sharing and social media.

Helping launch bands into mainstream success like Gallows and Pulled Apart By Horses, as well as nurturing genre favourites like Rolo Tomassi, Holy Roar have defied the odds in lasting as long as they have in a hostile music business. But it seems they are not going anywhere soon, with a huge 18-band festival planned at The Dome and Boston Music Rooms in London on 21 May to celebrate their first decade of existence.

Started by then-student Alex Fitzpatrick 10 years ago, Holy Roar Records have now become an internationally respected label, and one that seems to be thriving, despite launching in the age of YouTube and Pirate Bay. IBTimes UK spoke with Fitzpatrick, and asked him his top tips for succeeding in the music industry in the modern age.