Crows in Russia have "bombarded" cars with stones (Walter Siegmund)

The video game Angry Birds appears to have become reality, with crows bombarding cars with stones in the Russian Urals.

A car park outside the Sverdlovsk region legislative assembly has been terrorised by crows that pick up stones and drop them on to vehicles.

Lawmaker Maxim Ryapasov wrote on his blog that he asked a driver what was going on after seeing a group of people outside the office moving "chaotically and swinging their arms".

He was told that the birds had been picking up stones from a balcony of the building and "bombarding" cars for hours. At least three cars windshields were smashed.

According to, Ryapasov, said: "I really did not know whose cars these were, but I saw a crow throw a stone and fly off to fetch a new one on the balcony."

Ornithologist Tatiana Surkova said: "Crows love collecting different items, including stones, and piling them somewhere or throwing them down."

Many species of bird drop hard-shelled prey from heights in order to open them.

Some bloggers in Russia, however, have a different theory. A number of people took to the web to suggest the crows had political motives and discussed their "protest action".