Cheech the smiling dog
Cheech the smiling dog
Two pictures of Cheech the smiling dog that sent the pup viral over the weekend

The City of Waller Animal Shelter and Rescue in Texas hasn't even opened yet but they're already inundated with applications for one resident after his grin went viral on social media.

A post from 20 October featuring Cheech the dog giving a "ridiculous" smile to camera has so far been shared almost 5,000 times on Facebook.

"Y'all... this smiling dog we got in at the shelter yesterday is ridiculous!" the post read. It was later updated to say that the Cheech had had "MANY applications turned in" and recommended users check out other adoptable dogs.

The shelter itself was founded by a first responder from the city's police department named Leah Sipe and is maintained by volunteers and donations, although it is still undergoing the renovations necessary to open.

"I'm renovating the old jail and turning it into the animal shelter... we're run off donations only and Cheech is our newest dog," Sipe told IBTimes UK in a Facebook message.

The facility is set to have its grand opening on 12 November. Sipe said that the shelter will be the first no-kill facility in the county and many of the dogs are brought from the local pound where otherwise they would be euthanised within 72 hours.

"We have been functioning as a rescue for 10 months and have saved dozens and dozens of dogs from euthanasia," the shelter wrote in a post from 1 September.

Sipe said in a post on Sunday 22 October that Cheech had just had his vaccinations, adding: "Cheech seemed to be in good spirits tonight!" That post said that applications for Cheech would be reviewed from Monday.

The shelter also has a host of other eminently adoptable pups which can be seen in an 'adoptable dogs' photo album on the Facebook page. Some, like the adorably puppy-eyed Cooper, have already been adopted to loving homes.