Anonymous space hacktivist
New video from hacktivist collective Anonymous claims humanity should "boldly explore the unknown" to ensure its survival IBTimes UK/ Screen Grab

The hacktivist collective Anonymous, usually associated with cyber campaigns against corrupt government regimes and terrorist organisations, has now set its eyes on space.

In a video posted to the group's primary YouTube channel on 18 March, a call is made to "unite as a species" to explore other worlds on order to ensure humanity's survival.

"Earth cannot remain our only home forever," the video states. "As we unite to explore other worlds, we'll in turn find ourselves securing our own."

Anonymous's recent campaigns have focussed on exposing an international paedophile ring and taking down websites and social media accounts associated with Islamic State (Isis) through its #OpIsis campaign.

As part of this campaign, a list of around 9,200 Twitter accounts associated with Isis was published earlier this week.

While the latest video makes reference to the "threats of war" that have stemmed from the rise of Isis, it seems a sudden departure from such campaigns by suggesting that "future space endeavours" are the solution to humanity's troubles.

"The direction and future of humanity itself is on the line and our priorities must be clear," the video states. "Interstellar travel is possible within our lifetime and entirely doable with technology that on a much smaller scale already exists today.

"Therefore, the choice is now entirely up to you. Will we unite as a species to ensure the survival of the human race and boldly explore the unknown, or will we continue to fight each other and play Russian Roulette until all the chambers are loaded?"