• Anthony Joshua wins IBF and vacant WBA heavyweight titles by stopping Wladimir Klitschko in round 11.
  • Post-war record crowd of 90,000 at Wembley for biggest fight in British boxing history.
  • Wins for Joe Cordina, Katie Taylor and Luke Campbell on undercard.
  • Who the celebrities are tipping to win Joshua vs Klitschko.
Anthony Joshua v Wladimir Klitschko in numbers IBTimes UK

Well that brings an end to our live coverage from Wembley. We'll have all the reaction from one of the greatest sporting events our country has seen in many years. It was an absorbing classic which will go down in the annuls. Until next time, it's a very goodnight.


Joshua survived being put down to defeat Klitschko.

Anthony Joshua


Joshua now being announced to the crowd as the unified heavyweight world champion. I am not sure anyone can believe what they have just seen. London 2012 eat your heart out. What a fight.


Replays of the punches unloaded by Joshua are being played on the big screens and it is fair to say Klitschko took on some ridiculous shots. What a stunning, stunning performance from both men but it is Joshua who comes away with the win.


Round 11

Amazing! Anthony Joshua comes back from the dead, knocking Klitschko down twice and eventually the contest is called to a halt with the Briton unloading shots on the Ukrainian. The referee calls it off and Wembley goes mental. What a sluggfest and Joshua is the unified heavyweight champion.


Anthony Joshua stops Wladimir Klitschko!!


Klitschko down again!


Klitschko down in round 11


Round 10

What a slug this is. Joshua is coming right back into it and a left hand almost sends Klitschko down for a second time. What a fight this is. Klitschko having to take some shots having turned defensive, perhaps in the hope he has already done enough to clinch the contest. They appear to butt heads at one stage during a tight end to the round. Two left.


Round nine

Joshua has his mouth guard back in, perhaps a sign he is recapturing a bit of energy. He may be muscle-bound but his endurance has been tested tonight. Klitschko is caught with two shots and now a third as he dominates the centre of the ring. Klitschko is moving like Roger Federer at Wimbledon, dancing on silk almost. Joshua is finding him slippery to say the least.

I have Klitschko up by two rounds, with two 10-8s in there too.


Round eight

Joshua has never boxed an eighth round in his professional career but here it comes. Kitschko again with more combinations, putting Joshua onto the back foot. Fair to say Joshua is more of a force however and throwing far more punches than the last two rounds. There is still a bambie on ice feel to the Londoner however. Klitschko's jabs proving metronomic and most importantly very successful. Joshua's jab is also a potent weapon, one he uses at the end of an even round.


Round seven

Joshua is very slow to his feet having been slumped in the corner, all-but beaten. Klitschko totally on top now though even he seems to be taking breath in this seven round. Wembley has good very quiet - like the England team are playing here - with Joshua very much on the ropes. Klitschko sits back on the jab, with a clear points advantage so far.Joshua barely throwing a punch as he searches for a second wind. Not until 15 seconds before the bell does he unload a right hand, but he doesn't hurt his opponent.


Round six

Anthony Joshua down for the first time in his career! Joshua loses his mouth guard - a sign he is tiring. Klitschko is dictated now and Joshua is almost off his feet. He is stumbling around the ring now. Surely this can't last much longer. Joshua gets to the bell but he is all over the place.


Joshua down in the sixth round!


Round five

Joshua is behind on rounds and he comes out swinging and eventually connects, sending Klitschko to the canvass. Joshua celebrates, but it is premature as Klitschko is abck on his feet. The Ukraine continues to be tagged and he is all over the place. Now Joshua looks punched off his feet and Klitschko is coming back, connecting with right hands.


Klitschko down in the fifth round!!


Round four

Klitschko starts the fourth as he did the second, with a big fright hand which almost downs Joshua. The London 2012 comes back with a handful of right hands which Klitschko absorbs. A right hook follows and Klitschko is now in trouble, yet he reasserts himself. Very good fight in the making here.

Anthony Joshua


Round three

Big left hand from Joshua which Klitschko sucks up. Every time the champion comes forward he is desperate to take evasive action - a sign as if there was need for one that he is worried about the power of the home favourite. Klitschko's left arm has dropped and he does not have the control of the second round. Very much an ebb and flow contest.


Round two

Klitschko connects with a right hand straight off the bat but back come Joshua who is pushing the 41-year-old back. No doubt the IBF champion was rattled by that, perhaps the biggest shot he has ever taken. Klitschko is dictating the pace of the contest, with Joshua struggling for rhythm.


Round one

Klitschko employing the jab from the outset and dominating the centre of the ring. The Ukrainian is taking evasive action whenever Joshua comes forward. Few combinations do find their mark from Joshua. At least twice Klitschko tries the 'jab and grab' technique which has underlined his most recent fights.

Very even first round, but Joshua probably edges it.


Here we go. The bell rings. All the eyes of the world on Wembley. Get ready....



If that doesn't put the hairs up on the back of your neck nothing will. Both fighters now being introduced to the crowd for a second time. Some boos for Klitschko it must be said.


Both national anthems - the Ukrainan sung by the wife of Klitschko's brother Vitali - beautifully observed albeit amid some shambolic voices from the crowd. Michael Buffer's moment on the way...