The protesters blocked Oxford Circus' ticket barrier during the demonstration Twitter/@RPMain

Anti-Isis demonstrators closed down one of London's busiest tube stations after blocking ticket barriers in protest at the militant group.

Around 30 to 50 Kurdish protesters were seen holding barriers in support of the Syrian town of Kobani, where the terrorist group - also known the Islamic State - raised what is believed to be their flag over a building.

IS have also been recently fighting with Kurdish forces in the town after attacking it since mid-September.

A second placard also read: "Kurdistan is no buffer zone for Turkey".

Journalist Richard Main, who was at the scene, tweeted: "TfL staff appeared to be taken by surprise by protest. Alarm only sounded when protesters went down to platforms."

Transport for London (TFL) confirmed the station closed due to a "customer incident".

The US has recently launched air strikes in Syria in an attempt to combat IS. So far the UK has only joined in the US-led coalition by launching missiles in Iraq.

After the forced closure of the central London station, Oxford Circus was soon re-opened to the public.

British Transport Police confirmed no one was arrested during the incident.

A spokesperson said: "Shortly before 1.30pm on Monday, 6 October, our officers were alerted to a group of around 30 protesters inside Oxford Circus London Underground station.

"The station was closed for a short period, but re-opened shortly before 2pm. Officers accompanied the protesters onto a train, which then left the station."